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Good Old-Fashioned Cooking in Jackson Hole

Long ago, intrepid pioneers and other Western trailblazers set out to tame uncharted wilderness. The dangers were always afoot—snakes, hostile natives, dysentery—but when times were good, they could always count on the dependable chime of the dinner bell to signal that it was time for some good-old trail-cooked chow.
These days, you have the same opportunity, thankfully minus all the nasty parts, like the dysentery. One of the potential memories you’ll make as part of your Jackson Hole experience is the Bar T 5 Covered Wagon Cookout.
Park your cars at the Bar T 5; you won’t be needin’ em. You’ll travel by horse-drawn covered wagons from Jackson into Cache Creek Canyon. Along the way, you may meet Buckskin, a friendly mountain man who’ll guide you the rest of the way. (Hopefully he’s showered sometime in the last month or so.) When you reach camp, you’ll be greeted by the scent of old-fashioned Dutch oven cooking. Help yourself to a roll, some salad, our special bean recipe, slow-cooked chicken, roast beef, corn on the cob, your choice of drink, and buffalo chips slow-cooked over a fire, all for a truly authentic experience. (Wait, what’s that? No buffalo chips? Well, shucks.) You can keep coming back until the pots are empty.
When you’ve stuffed yourself, the Bar T band will take the stage. Feel free to clap along. After the food’s been devoured, the songs have been sung, and the jokes have been told, the covered wagons will be there to take you back into the sunset.
The 2016 cookout season lasts from the middle of May to the end of September. Check out their website for more information. And, of course, don’t forget to make your favorite Jackson Hole motel your base camp for your Wyoming adventure.

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