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Go Geocaching in Jackson Hole!

Everyone secretly has a desire to find a hidden treasure. If you think you don’t, you’re wrong. Somewhere in that subconscious of yours is a burning need to hack through some brush and uncover something glittery. Unfortunately, pirate gold is getting increasingly sparse in the modern age, and no matter how hard you try you probably don’t look as good as Indiana Jones with a whip and fedora. That might explain the appeal of geocaching. Have you experienced this GPS-fueled experience? If not, you’re likely missing out. If you’re among the uninitiated, you might require some further explanation: Geocaching involves searching for (usually small) items with the aid of a global positioning system. You can buy a standard GPS unit or use the official geocaching app on your smartphone if you’re venturing in a place with sufficient phone service. The geocaches vary in the difficulty involved in finding them; some are easily found while others may require extensive looking under bushes or even special skills like climbing. Some geocaches are found after a five-minute walk along a trail; the harder ones might be atop a mountain after a strenuous all-day hike. The official geocaching website and app list the caches near any given location in order of difficulty, so you’re sure to find one near you. Once you find a cache, take a look inside. You’ll probably find small toys, coins, or other trinkets waiting for you. It’s customary to take something out and leave something behind. Many caches will also have a logbook for finders to sign.
geocaches in Jackson Hole
Find items like this in geocaches around Jackson Hole.
Luckily, Jackson Hole has plenty of caches waiting to be found. From a few blocks from your lodging in Jackson Hole to the most remote hikes, there are hundreds of caches waiting to be found. So are you looking for a creative way to spend the waning summer in Jackson Hole? Try geocaching.

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