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Dashing through the snow! Jackson Hole winter activities

For the 2014 Flat Creek Christmas party, the employees and families got all bundled up, fcp tru bundled up some more and hopped in a sleigh, fcp sleigh a horse-drawn sleigh to be exact, unnamed and took in some thrilling vistas on our sleigh ride through the Elk Refuge. unnamed The Elk Refuge is AMAAAAAZING. According to our guide, the world record for the biggest elk antler has score of about 450, and currently at the Refuge there is an elk with antlers that score 400 (rivaling the all-time world record).  We also saw an interesting elk whose who hurt his antler in a fight and now his antler grows down toward the ground.  I never realized how much I didn't know about elk until this sleigh ride. This is one of the best Jackson Hole winter activities you can do. See our special below: Jackson Hole Sleigh Ride Package Also, for live views of the Refuge, click here. Check after a storm to see the most elk. We hope you will come stay and sleigh!   by Jessica Bagley Heath

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