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5 Places Santa Would Visit in Jackson Hole

Santa Claus is coming to town! Yes, this town. Like, Jackson. Or at least we think he should. Once the Old Man in Red is done delivering endless amounts of presents that parents around the globe will selfishly take credit for, there’s no better place to rest from his thankless task than our very own winter wonderland. Wonder why? Here are a few Jackson Hole highlights that are definitely on Santa’s list.  

Teton Toys

When his elves are too busy to fulfill their toy quotas (or, if the rumors are to be believed, they’re unionizing again to protest unsafe working conditions), Santa comes to Teton Toys to grab a few extra toys for well-behaved girls and boys. After all, the toys produced at Santa’s workshop are generic (to avoid any legal issues), so he also loves to grab great brands like Lego, Melissa & Doug, or Hasbro.

Persephone’s Bakery

We all know Santa has a supernaturally fast metabolism. Even with that round bowl-full-of-jelly physique, he keeps in decent shape for someone who ingests enough cookies each Christmas to put Godzilla in a diabetic coma. Enter Persephone’s, one of the premier spots for holiday sugar cookies, gingerbread, and chocolate. 

Elk Refuge

It’s a well-documented fact that Santa loves dashing through the snow. He’s probably one of the few people who actually know what bells and bobtails are and why they ring. And there’s no better way to snow-dash than a sleigh ride through the elk refuge. Besides, Santa’s gotta love a sleigh ride where someone else is doing all the work for once.

Town Square

Legend has it some of the antlers in Jackson’s renowned antler arches are actually from reindeer lost in the line of duty, and Santa comes here to pay his respects. (You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen? Well, before them were Balthasar, Alexei, Marzipan, and Greg. Never forget.) Or he just likes to come to Town Square to lead impromptu caroling groups. You never know.

Flat Creek Inn

You know we’d get here sooner or later. Whether he’s stopping for a short winter nap on his way between Pocatello and Billings or taking a long-deserved post-Christmas vacation, Santa stays at Flat Creek Inn. Why? Because the hot chocolate in our store is always piping hot, the sheets are always snow-white, and our motel is always high on the nice list—or as we call it, TripAdvisor. *** Ryan Kunz is a copywriter and freelance writer who writes on a variety of topics, including media, the outdoors, and whatever else strikes his fancy. He doesn’t believe in Santa, so he can’t explain the guy in the red suit who snuck into his house that one time. 

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