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The One Place You Must Go When You Visit Jackson Hole

There is one store in Jackson Hole that is sure to delight both young and old alike – the Yippy I-O Candy Co. This store is a veritable feast for the eyes just as much as a feast for the belly. Inside you can find every type of candy imaginable. Let’s go take a look!

Inside the Candy Store

The main entrance to the Yippy I-O Candy Co.
The main entrance.

As soon as you walk into the store you will see this darling sign and a stack of little baskets.

The sign inside the Yippy I-O Candy Co. says, "Hep yerself to a baskit"
Hep yerself to a baskit!

You can create your own Pucker Powder with this fun machine!

The Pucker Powder machine in the Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Pucker Powder machine.

Lots of Unique and Fun Items!

There is a whole shelf of “canned” animals. I was too terrified to buy one, but I can imagine it would be an unforgettable experience to try one of these out!

Canned Grizzly Bear inside Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Canned Grizzly Bear…yikes!

There are barrels and barrels of every flavor of taffy that you can think of.

Lots of flavors of taffy inside Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Taffy galore.

There are so many unique items here, including flavored honeys, and candies that I remember eating in my childhood and haven’t seen anywhere since!

A variety of honey and syrup flavors in Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Lots of honey and syrup flavors as well.

Everything in this store is such a fun experience from the wagon wheel lights, to the barrels full of candy, to the old-fashioned candy.

Wagon wheel light fixture inside Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Wagon wheel light.
Giant jaw breaker inside Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Giant jaw breaker.

It’s such a fun sight to see rows of glass jars full of the most delicious and yummy treats! You can literally see stars in people’s eyes when they are walking around this store :).

Rows and rows of candy inside Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Rows and rows of candy.

Don’t Forget the Fudge!

Yippy I-O Candy Co. makes fresh fudge in house. There are 20 different flavors to choose from. Yuuuummmmmm!

Homemade fudge inside Yippy I-O Candy Co.
Yummy fudge.

Our favorite candy from this trip was the Cowtales. They are a delicious caramelly treat.

Cowtales candy from Yippy I-O Candy Co.

Visiting Yippy I-O Candy Co. will be an experience you won’t soon forget. We highly recommend checking this out when you visit Jackson Hole!

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Shan’tel Christensen is a mother of 5, and working on her masters in social work. She has a sweet tooth the size of Texas and thoroughly enjoyed going to Yippi I-O Candy Co.

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