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Fish Hatchery in Jackson Hole

Let’s go visit the Jackson National Fish Hatchery!

Entrance to the Fish Hatchery

This fish hatchery is just a little outside of Jackson Hole, not far from the Flat Creek Inn. Look for the “Jackson National Fish Hatchery” sign and follow the arrows to the parking lot.

The Jackson National Fish Hatchery entrance sign
The entrance sign.

The views from the fish hatchery are beautiful. It’s a really peaceful and scenic area. Visitors can follow the wide, paved pathway from the parking lot down to the fish hatchery building.

The view from the parking lot looking down at the Jackson National fish hatchery building.
The view from the parking lot looking down at the fish hatchery building.
Jackson National Fish Hatchery sign.
One of the many educational signs along the pathway

Along the path are several signs that give the history of the fish hatchery and educate on the process and purpose of the hatchery.

Jackson National Fish Hatchery sign.
Another educational sign to read as you are walking towards the hatchery.

Inside the Fish Hatchery

Once you reach the building, you come inside to the front room which includes a guest sign in and these screens on the wall that show footage of the different stages of the fish hatchery process. You can see the fish at the beginning of their journey until the end when they get released.

Inside the Jackson National Fish Hatchery.
Inside the fish hatchery

There are also two large fish tanks with a variety of fish to look at.

Walking into Jackson National Fish Hatchery
About to head into the actual hatchery

Inside the Hatchery Area

Here is where the whole process happens. Inside these tanks of water, you can see fish in various stages of development. It’s fun to watch the fish swimming around and even jumping out of the water!

Inside Jackson National Fish Hatchery.
These receptacles hold the fish!
Fish inside Jackson National Fish Hatchery.
Lots of fish in this one!

Behind the Fish Hatchery

When you walk out of the building you can see more areas where the fish are held when they get too large for the indoor areas.

The fish get moved to these outside troughs when they get too big for the indoor ones at the Jackson National Fish Hatchery.
The fish get moved to these outside troughs when they get too big for the indoor ones.
More fish at the Jackson National Fish Hatchery.
There are some more fish!
Another educational sign inside the Jackson National fish hatchery.
Another educational sign inside the fish hatchery.

There is a beautiful pond behind the fish hatchery with fish inside. It’s a beautiful area to walk around and enjoy the scenery.

The view from the back of the Jackson National Fish Hatchery.
The view of the back of the fish hatchery
A beautiful pond behind the Jackson National Fish Hatchery that you can walk around and enjoy.
A beautiful pond behind the hatchery that you can walk around and enjoy.

You can find out more about the purpose of fish hatcheries here. The Jackson National Fish Hatchery is well worth the visit, and even better, it’s free!

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Shan’tel Christensen is a mother to 5 and is currently getting her masters in social work. Whenever she gets the chance, she loves to visit beautiful places like Jackson Hole!

Free Family Fun in Jackson Hole Wyoming!

Every summer for the last few years my little family has gone to visit Jackson Hole. We love going there because of the fun atmosphere, the extreme beauty, and also all of the fun things you can do as a family…for FREE! (We’re all about cheap or free fun in our family;). Let me share a few of our favorite free activities to do in Jackson Hole…

Phil Baux Park

(Photo via TripAdvisor)

One place we always stop at when we go to Jackson Hole is Phil Baux Park. We LOVE this park! It’s the perfect place for a picnic and just to take a rest and soak up the scenery. The reason why we love this park is because it’s different from any other park we’ve ever been to (and we’ve been to a lot of parks!). The coolest feature of this park is the rock wall that is open for anyone to use. It’s basically a couple of giant “rocks” with footholds and handholds all over them. It is legitimately challenging and it’s a fun for kids and adults alike. Both my kids and my husband have a lot of fun rock climbing there.

We also love that this park has a covered pavilion and plenty of picnic tables and shade. We usually bring a picnic lunch and there’s always a good spot for us to eat it. My kids also enjoy the fun playground and swings. I love that the park is nestled right next to Snow King Mountain which is absolutely breath taking, and the view is unbeatable. If you like hiking, Snow King even has a 2 mile trail to the top which looks really fun to try, but very steep. When our kids get a little older we’re definitely going to hike to the top. #Goals. If you go to Jackson Hole, for sure check out this park!


Jackson National Fish Hatchery


This fish hatchery is just up the road from the Flat Creek Inn, a little ways outside of Jackson Hole. The cool thing about this place, beside the fact that it’s free, is that it’s educational and hands on. You can tour the hatchery and see some of the 200,000 Snake River Trout in different stages of development. This is something that young kids will love. It’s fun to get so close to the fish and see how they look as tadpoles and as full sized trout in the many many tanks inside the hatchery. There are some volunteers that guide you through the facility and educate you about the fish and what happens to the fish when they are full grown. I was really impressed with the volunteers that led our group. They had enthusiasm and passion for what they were doing, and they were volunteering all the way from Florida!

Another neat thing about the hatchery is that right outside the facility is the Sleeping Indian Pond where the public is allowed to fish. They suggest that it’s especially great for young kids or “first time anglers.” It’s a beautiful pond with a gorgeous view. It’s great for bird watching, wild life citing, and scenic photography. My family enjoyed going to the hatchery and we’ll probably go there again.

Town Square

This is obviously a must see if you have never been to Jackson before. It’s a fun place to walk around and see the western vibe of Jackson Hole that makes it so unique. There are the iconic antler arches (you must get a picture of your family standing under these!). There are many fun shops nearby and you’ll see old-fashioned horse drawn carriages going past. It’s a good place to people watch and just sit and catch your breath for a second! But, the one thing you must do on Town Square is go to the shoot out! They do this every night in the Summer (except Sundays) at 6:00PM. It will get your heart a racin’! Your kids will definitely get a kick out of seeing this fun (and family friendly) shoot out! Oh, and did I mention that it’s free? Why yes, it is!



So there are a few great places to go if you’re looking for some free family fun in Jackson Hole Wyoming! Good luck on your adventures and please post in the comments any other places you’ve found in Jackson Hole that are free and fun for the whole family…we’re always looking for more!

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