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21 Awesome Antler Gifts 2020

Many animals are well known for shedding their antlers including elk, deer, and moose (moosen?). There are some really creative folks out there who have come up with some pretty cool uses for these antlers that have been shed. We’ve scoured the internet and found some of the coolest gifts made out of antlers (or are antler themed). Our personal favorite? The antler toilet paper holder (#9 below). You know you need one of those in your house asap! Feel free to check out all 21 antler gifts below!

The mighty elk.

1. Antler wall hook

2. “Home is where you hang your antlers” sign

3. Dainty antler pendant necklace

4. Woodland faux deer antler ornament

5. Antler desk fan

6. Antler coat rack

7. Antler chandelier

8. Deer antler knife

9. Antler toilet paper holder 

10. Antler toothbrush holder

11. Elk antler earrings

12. Custom deer head sign

13. Elk antler pendant chain necklace

14. Elk antler dog chews 

15. Antler sweatshirt

16. Antler party favors/cake toppers

17. Elk antler ring

18. Antler bed comforter

19. Moose antler fruit bowl

20. Matching antler wedding rings

21. Antler headbands

Elk antler arches in Jackson, Wyoming


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