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Flat Creek Inn and Guest Health during COVID-19

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[caption id="attachment_1536" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Flat Creek Inn sign At Flat Creek Inn, we subscribe to an optimistic view of life. We'll see you soon![/caption] It’s a tough time for everyone right now. Anxiety is high, money is tight, and the future is uncertain. But Flat Creek Inn has always existed to provide an affordable home base for those wishing to find solace in the outdoors and expand their cultural awareness, and we will continue to do so. With that purpose in mind, we plan to remain open during the ongoing virus outbreak. It goes without saying that we are joining the rest of the nation in upholding principles of responsible social distancing. (Since Wyoming is the second least densely populated in the nation, with a mere 6 people per square mile, we’re blessed with plenty of room for that.) Of course, that’s just the beginning of the steps we’re taking to continue to keep our guests and employees safe and healthy. Our cleaning standards have always been high, but we are further decreasing the risk of disease transmission in our motel by implementing new disinfecting and sanitizing precautions. These include:
  • Minimizing contact with guests during your stay and will only clean your room upon your departure or on the fourth day if you’re staying longer.
  • Using bleach on all surfaces and wiping all surfaces outside of the rooms every two hours.
  • Assuring that employees who show any symptoms do not come to work.
We’re also following all guidelines set forth by local and national health agencies and institutions. Read more about each of these organizations’ recommendations here: In addition to safeguarding your physical health, we’re also doing our best to protect your peace of mind. These include adapting our cancellation policy to 3 pm on the day of check-in (through May 1), so you can monitor the ongoing situation and make the decision that is best for you and your family. Flat Creek Inn has always been more than a roadside motel—we’re a means for your family to make memories and explore the wonders of the Jackson Hole region. During the current health crisis, we’ll do what we can to ensure the safety of those who choose to stay with us. And once the situation has passed, we look forward to seeing the rest of you so we can re-discover Jackson Hole together.   [caption id="attachment_2181" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Wide-open spaces like this are ideal for social distancing.[/caption]  

2 thoughts on “Flat Creek Inn and Guest Health during COVID-19

  1. Hello,

    I’m interested in traveling to Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons National Park in July for the rodeo. I don’t drive and I can only take 14 days off of work. Should I just wait until next year ? Because I read that out of state visitors must self quarantine for 14 days when they first arrive. I’m excited to visit Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons National Park but I don’t have a car or drivers license.

    Thank you so much ,
    Chan Richardson

    1. The order to self quarantine has expired. So come anytime. Although it will be easier if you had a car.

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