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A Downtown Guide to Jackson

Claire Kunz

So you’ve injured yourself doing a sick jump on your skis, or you pulled a muscle riding your bike in the LoToJa Classic, or maybe you did what my husband did shortly before our trip to Jackson and broke your rib when you fell down the stairs. Don’t let yourself be stuck in a lodge all day! Jackson Hole is one of the best places to sightsee, with one of the best downtowns I’ve ever seen (and I’m a San Francisco Bay Area native).

We weren’t going to let a silly broken rib stop us from our trip up to Jackson, so we planned a day doing activities that may have been less hardcore and outdoorsy, but were just as fun! And now (drumroll please):


First, we stopped by my favorite hip lounge in Jackson: Animal Adoption Center! Like in most animal shelters, the workers here are all too happy to let you play with the cats in Kitty City, or give the dogs a walk around Dog Town (yes, these are the real and adorable names of the cat and dog sections at Animal Adoption Center).

Please welcome: Phillip the kitten. He just wants to love you.
Please also welcome: Lumpy the kitten. Very sociable and enjoys a good cuddle.
Playing around with Spot and Delilah!

After this we took a trip to Jackson Hole Toy Store, which is pretty much my childhood dream of a toy store. Most people in Jackson are incredibly kind and willing to help you out with anything that you might need, and Jackson Hole Toy Store is definitely not an exception! Every toy that you’d ever want is found at Jackson Hole Toy Store, including a toy shooting range!

Source: https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/wyoming/massive-wy-toy-store/
Me and the huge toy Ferris-wheel in the front window of Jackson Hole Toy Store.

Next, we moseyed on over to the ice rink in town square. You can rent your own skates there and skate among the trees! It’s ice skating like I’ve never seen it before.

Our next stop was the Teton County Recreation Center, complete with multiple pools, hot tubs, waterslides, sauna, basketball courts, etc.! And admission is only $7! If you’re looking for a swim, a soak, or other wholesome family recreation opportunities, this is the place for you!

And now, the piece de resistance for our day in Jackson, THE TETON TIGER RESTAURANT! The Teton Tiger is a lovely little Pan-Asian cuisine joint just a few blocks away from town square. It’s my favorite restaurant ever, in the whole world. The food is a burst of intense flavor with every bite, and it’s such rich food! I could go on and on about this place. The servers are professional, the atmosphere is eclectic and intimate, and the food is to die for. Bonus: I once saw Harrison Ford at this restaurant and he smiled at me. Coupled with the food, it was an out of body experience.

Thank you for joining me today on our trip around downtown Jackson! We hope to see you around town soon!

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