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Stargazing in Jackson Hole

Imagine a place where the stars shine brighter, and the night sky feels like a velvet canvas painted with constellations. Or just look at the picture below: Pretty great, right? Jackson Hole is a stargazer’s paradise. You’ll find darker and more remote places to view the stars, but few with so many amenities close by…
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Ghosts of Jackson Hole

Everybody who visits Jackson Hole wants to stay a while. Some end up staying for a lot longer … forever, in fact. Or at least that’s what local ghost stories say, and this is October, the month when all such stories are suddenly true. So pull up a fancy old armchair next to a roaring…
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Jackson Hole Vacation Playlist

Where I travel, music follows. Driving through Monument Valley? Can’t go wrong with some old Western film scores. Hiking through the Scottish highlands? You can be sure the Braveheart and Outlander soundtracks are playing on repeat in my head. Trekking across Scandinavia? You haven’t lived until you’ve heard some Nordic jams. But what about this…
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Native Americans in Jackson Hole

It’s not Native American Heritage Month yet (that’s in November), but seeing as how we live on native land for more than just one month a year, we figured it was all right to dedicate a post to a topic that’s both interesting and relevant: the history of NativeAmericans in Jackson Hole.  Thousands of years…
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Grand Teton Hiking Safety

Grand Teton National Park is, simply put, a hiker’s paradise. It’s got stirring scenery, epic inclines, and beautiful skies. It’s got routes for every age and skill level to enjoy. But in order to continue enjoying those hikes, of course, you have to stay alive and healthy. That’s sort of an essential prerequisite, actually. So…
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American Road Trip: Part 2

Hello, fellow travelers. After a long pit stop, we’re back on the road with part two of our American road trip series. In our previous installment, we talked about some of the most scenic roadtrips in the country, with a bonus international drive. Today, we’re talking about the road trip essentials you shouldn’t leave without.…
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5 Travel Trends to Know in 2023

There’s never been a better time to plan summer travel than now. Or now. Or … wait for it … now. The point is, whatever instant in time you’re currently occupying, that’s the best moment to start making plans. To give you a few ideas, here are some of the biggest travel trends of 2023.…
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5 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Jackson Hole

Whether you’re a lifelong Jackson Hole resident or just passin’ through, chances are the area still has a few mysteries you’ve never explored. This week we’re covering 5 interesting facts about Jackson Hole, ranging from the basic to the “wait, really?” First up … Maybe you’ve been to Jackson’s regular shootout, where duster jacket-clad cowboys…
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So, You Want to Work at Flat Creek?

It’s that time of year again—when thousands of tourists descend upon Jackson, ready to enjoy the nature, culture, food, and everything else the area has to offer. Who’s on hand to wash their laundry, give them directions, and otherwise make sure their stay in Jackson is a pleasant one? Every year, Flat Creek Inn brings…
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