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American Road Trip: Part One

Is there anything more quintessentially summer than piling haphazardly into the family station wagon to embark on the iconic American vacation? Let’s hit the road and take a drive through some of America’s most scenic road trips. California’s Pacific Coast Highway You can’t mention the words “road trip” without including the Pacific Coast Highway. This…
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Yellowstone Geysers that Aren’t Old Faithful

Admittedly, we’re on a bit of a Yellowstone kick lately. As one of the nation’s oldest and most popular national parks, not to mention the second largest in the continental United States, Yellowstone offers plenty to talk about. Over 4,000,000 visitors flock to the park each year and you can bet they’re all making a…
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Geysers Galore: Hydrothermal Features of Yellowstone

A visit to Yellowstone National Park is almost certain to involve thrilling landscapes and wildlife sightings, but what really sets Yellowstone apart from the pack is the geysers and other hydrothermal features. Of course, “hydrothermal features” sounds a bit boring, but that’s only because geologists can’t take each other seriously if they call these features…
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Yellowstone National Park

On March 1, 1872, Yellowstone became the world’s first national park, designating 2.2 million acres for visitors to experience the unique hydrothermal and geological features that put it on the map. In 2021, Yellowstone National Park hosted 4,860,537 recreational visits, making it the busiest travel season the park has ever seen. If you’re hoping to…
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The Five Closest National Parks to Jackson Hole: Part Two

Last week we covered the first five closest national parks near Jackson Hole—or within a day’s drive, at least. We started with the two nearest parks and ranged a little further out, taking a virtual road trip to some of the most beautiful places the West has to offer. Today we’ll continue our journey with…
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The Five Closest National Parks to Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is a gateway to two of America’s greatest and most scenic national parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Here, you can witness nature in its most eye-popping glory, from roaming bison and explosive geysers to jagged mountains that seem to slice open the sky. But those two national parks, treasures as they may be,…
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Stretching Your Travel Budget

Between last year’s skyrocketing gas prices and a dozen eggs costing as much as a movie ticket, budgets are tight across the board. But just because you can’t afford your daily omelet doesn’t mean you should have to cut out all your spring and summer travel! With a little preparation and research, there are plenty of…
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5 Travel Resolutions to Make This Year

With the New Year upon us, many of us have probably been reflecting upon the goals and resolutions we made in 2022, all the progress we did (or didn’t) make, and what we want to achieve this coming year. Instead of going with the same old “binge less Netflix” or “visit a gym periodically,” I’d…
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Packing and Traveling with Children: Part Two

With holiday travel quickly approaching, many parents’ anxiety levels about taking their young children on flights is likely increasing. Today I bring you the second installment of our guide to packing and traveling with children! (Read the first part here.) This year, my two-year-old has been on at least ten flights. And while we still…
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