Barn to Be Wild: The Moulton Barn

Take a moment and picture a wide, flat valley. In the distance, the majestic snowcapped Tetons “rise like Olympus over the Serengeti” (thanks, Toto). Silhouetted against this backdrop is a barn, surrounded by the wooden bones of an old pasture. Do you have a clear picture in your mind? Is this what you’re picturing? If not, chances are you’ve still seen it before. Commonly called the Mormon Barn, the Moulton barn is the most famous ...
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Life is fine on US 89

You’ve heard of Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway. You may have heard of the Overseas Highway in Florida. But have you heard of US 89? No? Well, are you ready for a road trip? Pack some snacks and wear your comfy pants, because we’re going on an epic drive through some of the most scenic views in the west! Arizona Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Or at least, where it begins ...
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Jackson Hole Wildlife, Part 8: Grizzly 399

Hello, folks and welcome to a special episode of Jackson Hole Wildlife. Tonight we’ll be talking about the only bear with an Instagram account (and no, I’m not talking about Bear Grylls). I’m talking about Grizzly 399, the most famous (and photographed) mother brown bear in the world. This brown bear is more hardcore than Bear Grylls* and has more take-downs than the Chicago Bears**. Let’s jump in. *I didn’t verify this. **That’s a thing, ...
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Find out why the Tetons are called the Tetons—and Jackson vs. Jackson Hole

10 Things to do in Jackson in the Winter – Travel Vlog

Jackson Hole is fun no matter what time of year you go! Watch this travel vlog from The Cox Clan for some ideas to get you excited! We will also list all links below... 1. Check out the National Elk Refuge The National Elk Refuge is visible right off of highway 89. You can even drive on the first 3 1/2 miles of Refuge Road to get a little closer to the amazing elk. There ...
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Going down the mountain

9 Completely Free Things to do in Jackson Hole (that are fun!) 2021

We get it, traveling and lodging can be super expensive. You want to get out and have fun but your budget is limited. Well no fear, we've got some great ideas for you so that you can still experience the wonder of Jackson Hole without spending a dime! 1. Watch the Shootout in Town Square The shootout is a reenactment of what gun fights would have looked like back in the day. It's free to ...
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