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Unlikely But True: Mountain Climber Grizzlies

Photo credit: Jeremy Vessey on unsplash We’re starting a periodic series focusing on what you probably didn’t know aboutgreater Yellowstone ecosystem wildlife. This is part 1. Grizzly bears are one of the biggest charms (though not if you get too close) ofYellowstone and Teton National Parks. With good guidance and a decent amount ofluck, a traveler is totally capable of seeing one in the area. You’ve learned a thing or two about grizzlies on this blog before, but today we’r...

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Wildlife of Jackson Hole: Coyotes

Image credit: Yathin S Krishnappa Coyotes (Canis latrans) have long been a symbol of the wild American landscape. Their haunting howls are often associated with the untamed wilderness, but these versatile creatures are much more than just the soundtrack of the night. They’re also the subject of our blog post this week. Read on for all the questions you never knew you had about dogs’ and wolves’ scruffy little cousins.  How do you say the word coyote? It is “kay-oat” o...

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S’more, Please!

Summer is in full swing, and that can only mean one thing. It’s s’mores season! Find me a combo that's more quintessentially summer than gooey marshmallow, melty chocolate, and a crunchy, sweet graham cracker. Go on, I’ll wait. Sitting around a campfire (or our kitchen table), toasting marshmallows is one of my favorite camping traditions and is quickly becoming a favorite backyard tradition. A few years ago, we posted about our favorite s’more variations. Today, we’re updating tha...

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Crash on Mt. Moran

Photo source: here. See more information on this photo below.  Last year, we featured the story of the tragic plane crash in 1996, in which a Secret Service agent and an Air Force crew, in town to accompany President Bill Clinton, collided with Sleeping Indian. You can hike to the spot where it crashed. However, that isn’t the only local site to mark a tragic aviation accident. High on the northeast ridge of Mt. Moran, above the Skillet Glacier, lies the wreckage of the DC-3 plane N74...

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Flat Creek Inn’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

At Flat Creek Inn, every employee is a concierge. That’s because our people know their stuff about Jackson Hole and the surrounding area, and they’re happy to share what they know with you. Stop by the front desk or the store and ask them in person—or if you’re a little far away for that, we’ve compiled a list of your most commonly asked questions and our helpful answers.   Q: What are some good family-friendly hikes? A: Start by taking the ferry to Inspiration Point or...

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