The Miracles and Mysteries of Bear Hibernation

As we speak, the bears in Yellowstone  and Grand Teton parks are in their Thanksgiving dinner mode. They are consuming 20,000 calories per day so they will be prepared for their hibernation this winter. Hibernation is truly amazing. Picture yourself eating 5x the calories you normally do per day and gaining at least 50% of your body weight in one summer. Then in mid November, you curl up for a nice long winter rest, eating ...
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Fill your home with the savory smells of chicken tetrazzini

      I love the smell of onions sauteing in butter. It fills my kitchen with the kind of enticing and savory smells that make a house feel like a home. Also, since I don't like doing dishes, I  love meals that come together in one pan. This chicken tetrazinni smells and tastes yummy and comes together in one pan and a mixing bowl.  I found the recipe in one of those church community cookbooks--those are the best! ...
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Jessie Phillips, Flat Creek Inn will miss you!

We are sad to announce that we will soon be losing our valued Assistant Manager, Jessie Phillips! She will be moving across the country for the next exciting chapter in her life. She will be missed at Flat Creek Inn! Jessie is a spunky gal that we have been lucky to have for the last four years. We are really grateful for all she has done for us. Here are some fun facts about Jessie: ...
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Elk in Jackson Hole

Savings are in season: Get our deal and hunt Jackson Hole!

You like hunting, right? Of course you do. Hunting has been one of mankind’s favorite pastimes ever since the first cave people stepped out of his cave and realized that a woolly mammoth wasn’t just gonna walk itself into his primitive barbecue grill. We at Flat Creek Inn are aware of that fact, so we’re offering a special deal to help you see nature, enjoy nature, and maybe kill some nature too. For only $350, ...
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lodging in Jackson

Like a phoenix: How Flat Creek Inn moved from 44th to 15th place

Five years ago, Flat Creek Inn was rated #44 of all Jackson hotels on Trip Advisor. That was last place. Yikes. Now we are rated #15. How did we rise from the ashes? Since the rankings are generated by customers' ratings, we can't know for sure. I contacted our summer staff manager Connor Kunz, and he made the following list of improvements we have made in the last five years: The property came under new ...
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